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Configurable Cash Flow Statements

Cash is the life-blood of any business and without it survival is very unlikely. -

We can see the cash level by checking those bank statements and counting the money in our safes; however, understand where they come and go is far more complicated.

Therefore, the accounting professionals invented something called "Cash Flow Statements" for us to see the flows easilly. The problem is "How to prepare these statements?"

The answer is OrangeACC.


Multiple Levels of Cash Flow Statements in OrangeACC

OrangeACC generates Multiple Levels of Cash Flow Statements from your daily operation automatcally. To get these Cash Flow Statemens of your business, all you need to do is selecting the period and clicking some buttons only.

Since Cash Flow Statements contents some highly sensitive information of your business, hence, OrangeACC only allowed three groups of users can access to this function. They are "Financial Controller", "Sernior Accountant", and "Management", for further information of each group of users' accessibilty in OrangeACC, please see Double Security.

Cash Flow Statements Selector

    Click this button to open the Cash Flow Statements Selector dialog
    Set the Date Range
    Select the Simple (left) and/or Detail (right) cash flow statement(s) to review
    Select Group, Type, and/or Account for further review (optional)
    Click "Search" to open the Review dialog (optional)

Config the Cash Flow Statement in OrangeACC

The Cash Flow Statement in OrangeACC is configurable by selecting and matching Accounts, Cash Flow Types, and Cash Flow Groups.

Since the Cash Flow Group and Cash Flow Type are fundamental data of OrangeACC, only those users in "Financial Controller" group can be accessed. However, users of both "Financial Controller" and "Sernior Accountant" can access the Cash Flow Setting dialog. More details of Users and Group can be found in Double Security.


Cash Flow Statement Section

Please click the above link to see the relationships between Cash Flow Group, Type and Accounts

Click this button to open the Cash Flow Group dialog

  Create or Modify Group ID and Name.
Cash Flow Group
  Click this button to open the Cash Flow Type dialog
  Create or Modify Type ID and Name.
  Matching the Type and Group
  Click this button to open the Cash Flow Statement Setting dialog
  The system will listed all the available accounts automatically, you can modify but not RECOMMENDED
  Matching the Cash Flow Types to Accounts