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Double Security Mechanism

OrangeACC's User Access Level System


OrangeACC equipped an User Access Level System. The application will automatically direct an user to the Panel which match her/his level.

Each User will not be able to shifts her/his Panel to others, except the User(s) in Financial Controller Level, "FCO".

User(s) in FCO has the full authorization to access all function in OrangeACCcreate, modify and delete any user(s). However, OrangeACC does not recommended that you should delete any of user(s) for the concerns of data consistence.

The screen shot on the right side is the Financial Controller Panel.

OrangeACC provided eight different access levels, and no limitation of number of users for each level.

They are:

Financial Controller (FCO)
Senior Accountant (SAC)
Accountant (ACC)
Senior Representative (SRP)
Representative (RPT)
Management (MAN)
Purchasing (PUH)
Dormant (DOR)

You can see the other panels on this page


MySQL User Account Management  

MySQL provided a very strong and flexible user account system, you can create, modify, and delete user account in command line mode or through other GUI tools, such as MySQL Workbench and phpMyAdmin.

MySQL Workbench is a standalone software, you can easily download and install it without other settings.  The picture on the right is a screen shot of MySQLWorkbench.

phpMyAdmin is a free software tool written in PHP, intended to handle the administration of MySQL over the Web, which meant you need a Apache Web Server before using its functions.

You can do a lot of micro adjustments to each MySQL user account.  For example, you can assign User A to Database 1, 2 & 3, but at the same time User B can only access to Database 1.  You can also limited the users can log from a specify IP address to the MySQL server.  Indeed, MySQL User Account Management is a big topic, and we will not discuss it here, but some simple Tips can be delivered

Do not use "ROOT" in daily operations
Do not giving object right "Delete" to everyone
Do not giving everyone the right to access to all Schemas




MySQL Workbench Account Tab
The links below are MySQL online manuel and a Tutorial on YouTube  

MySQL User Account Management

MySQL Workbench The Account Tab